Friday, March 7, 2008

Royal Metal as a future guarantee

Gold, also known as the Royal Metal has been a huge influence to the world's economy for over 2500 years! Since 560 - 500 B.C. when gold began to be used as a currency for trade, and still up now it symbolizes wealth, hence all the jewelry that people love to wear to show off or just feel rich. Those who had a lot of gold had always been thought as rich and serious and it should not be any different nowadays! Investing in gold can be a really safe and profitable investment!
Gold price have been rising for a number of past years and they don't seem like stopping. And it shouldn't! Why in the world it should? Gold is a precious material and there is a limited supply of it, that's why it's price is just rising and not looking back! Gold has been used by traders, it has been used to fund crusades, it has been used as backing for currency, the list is endless!
What is more, gold has always been thought as a safe investment and it is even more important during any political or economical uncertainty (i know you're watching news and oftentimes think what is going to happen next). Empires fell, currencies collapsed, but people who had gold always felt safe and could live through any kind of problems!
And think about it, gold is very desirable as it is, but there is some sort of economy problems? (The Great Depression, Inflation) When investors feel that their money is losing value due to inflation they tend to invest more money in gold as gold price reacts to inflation and rises accordingly. Money can lose it's value to such level than a log of wood is worth more than a pile of cash! (1923-24 in Germany money was absolutely worthless)
What if a war strikes? And there are more and more wars going on today around the globe. During these times money can't buy everything, however gold has a much greater value due to it's psychological effects and it can always buy you food, shelter, etc.
Furthermore, gold is a valuable diversification tool and by no means should be included in portfolio! It has no correlation to stocks, bonds or real estate! Having a little gold somewhere can definitely help you sleep a little better at night. It always had it's magical sparkling warmth.
There are number of ways to invest in gold, it can be gold futures, coins, mutual funds, jewelry or even gold mining companies (swing that pickaxe for a better life!).
Another good way to look at gold's value is knowing that countries have huge amounts of gold in their reserves. Why? Simple. It's value is rising and they know it! The more gold they have, the safer they can feel, and you should be no different!

Summing it all up, gold can be valuable investment due to it's diversification uses, it's effect on economy and it's tendency to grow in value! Don't sleep, get some gold and let it's warmth lessen your headaches!

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